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New Megaman RPG για το DS!

Posted by evans στο Σάββατο, 1 Ιουλίου, 2006

Η Capcom ανακοίνωσε ένα καινούριο Megaman RPG για το Nintendo DS.

A new MegaMan game is underway for the Nintendo DS, according to the official Capcom website. In Japan, the title of the game will be Shinsei Rockman ZN, which can be translated as «Rebirth Rockman ZN.» This new MegaMan game is being developed by the team behind the Battle Network Rockman.EXE series (known in the US as the MegaMan Battle Network), however the new game is to be set in a new world. According to the Capcom website, «As the cyber world was visualized with EXE, this time…we’ll draw the invisible radio wave world.» Shinsei Rockman ZN will take place hundreds of years after the events of the EXE series, where the cyberworld no longer is connected with cables but rather wirelessly, using radio waves. Rockman will deal with the various problems (and enemies) that will arise in this new radio wave world. So far, no news has been released on how the new game will take advantage of the Nintendo DS hardware. Shinsei Rockman ZN is slated for release in Japan in Winter 2006.




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