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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Posted by evans στο Δευτέρα, 14 Αύγουστος, 2006

Nintendo released new details on its upcoming Nintendo DS Pokemon RPG Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. The three starter Pokemons were revealed, they are Naetoru, Hikozaru and Pochama, the standard grass, fire and water type Pokemons. Four new Pokemons are also revealed. The techniques in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will be divided into physical, special and other, the moves are now grouped by their effects. For example, Thunderpunch is now changed from a special technique to physical technique. It is now possible to exchange your Pokemon with other people online using the WiFi connection, you can also deposit your Pokemons in the Global Trade Station (GTS) and wait for other people to exchange. There is a new Battle Tower and Wi-Fi Battle Room in the game, which allows you to battle with strong opponents (computer or human trainers). Other new elements include a much larger Pokemon Contest, in which you can play a number of mini games like Dance Examination. A new Pokemon Diamond & Pearl TV anime series will begin to show in Japan’s TV Tokyo this fall.




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